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1.  Comic Series 1969 - 1979
2.   Vintage Posters
3.   Prince Valiant Figures 8"
4.   Original Hausser Mold
5.   Oil Painting of Val
6.   Special Rare Figures
7.   Special Figures
8.   Converted Figures
9.   Boxed Battle Wagon
10.  Norman Gift Set
11.  Rare 4cm Figures
12.  Figures I
13.  Figures II
14. Special Prince Valiant
15. Ougen Paris Collection
16. Rarest Valiant / Aletha
17. Valiant with Gift Box
18. Rare Sleeping Figure
19. Special Painted Valiant
20. Figures & Catapult
21. Sleeping Val Diorama
22. Indian Diorama
23. Elastolin Camelot Castle
24. Rarest Prince Valiant
25. Valiant's Knight's Hall
26. Rare 4cm Figures Austria
27. 1st Prince Valiant Figure

Jan - Michael & wife Christa
At Castle Drachenfels
Köln- Bonn
Jan-Michael Mau

In my childhood I was a fan of Prince Valiant and Karl May´s Winnetou films. Elastolin by Hausser was the company here in Germany that molded all famous film stars from both series. Robert Wagner as Valiant, Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand and Pierre Brice as Winnetou.

So I was glad collecting and playing with them as toys in reminding the film scenes. After growing up I lost this hobby for years as my father has given away all my old toy knights.

Starting with Ebay in 2000 I recovered my old hobby on this platform and I began to collect them again. I do this since 2000 very strongly, so I have a good collection together inbetween.

I just have all figures and I am now looking for all different versions and colors Hausser ever made.

I always enjoy if someone will sell some old figures to me, but I am also willing to help if someone has questions on this collecting hobby.

Jan- Michael Mau
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