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Elastolin Knights inspired by the characters of Hal Foster

I'm very grateful to Jan- Michael Mau, in Germany for supplying a page of excellent photographs and detailed text from his extensive elastolin collection.

Elastolin plastic knights as the Prince Valiant character created by Hal Foster and set in the court of King Arthur.

Elastolin produce 5 named figures from this comic strip adventure in 70mm scale and the harder to find 40mm scale.

Prince Valiant                Aleta                Gawain                Prince Arne

The above figures were also available in 40mm. a couple examples of Prince Valiant and Prince Arne in both scales shown
Elastolin's range is extensive, they produced many fine figures in their Norman range.

Elastolin Hausser Norman Series in 70mm

Figures 1 and 2 are variants in 1st paint, first version, skin lightly painted, ivory plastic, sword down as a triangle and pearled bases, head with long neck.

Figures 3 and 4 are variants in first paint, 2 nd version, skin lightly painted, ivory plastic, sword to right knee and pearled bases, head with short neck.

Figures 5 and 6 are variants in 2 nd paint, 2nd version, skin complete painted, ivory plastic, sword to right knee and yellow bases, head again with short neck.

Two Valliant's, left 1st paint version and long neck.

Middle 2nd paint version. short neck, face completely painted.

Right: 2nd version. 1st version paint, short neck.

Attacking Norman Riders

2 Normans in front left with swords are 1st paint versions. Lance riders were only made in 2nd paint versions. But the colours are washed so that the deeper parts of the figures got more colour than the upper parts. Thats the reason for their realistic three diminsonal look.

Aleta´s, wifes of Prince valiant, 1st paint, ivory plastic, pearled bases.
Aletas were made in 15 different colour combinations of clothing.

From left to right, standing Valiant 1st version and 1st paint from the year of 1955, when it was produced.

Lady of castle, named Aleta Valiants wife, produced at 1958, Sir Gawain, produced in 1955 1st Version and at last Prince Arne von Ord, Valiants son, figure was produced in 1956.

Fighting Valiant is added on left and right sides.

Two medieval siege towers, 1st paint with some different Norman archers, shooting in 1st paint and pearled bases.

Other archers are made from Hausser only in 2 nd. paint. Some different Normans fighting in 1st and 2nd paint

Figures of Sir Gawain standing on top of a castle tower. Right figure is in 1 st. paint version, pearled base, other two are made in 2 nd. paint version ( skin again completely painted )

Aleta, Valiant and Sir Gawain in washed colour and ivory plastic and some other Normans at the background in the 4 cm size. All come with pearled bases. Skin is painted or light coloured.

They were produced in early 1960. There are no official counting numbers of productions issued . Aleta do exist in this kind only 2 up to 8 pieces worldwide. No catalogue notes one of this figures.

They are extreme rare and only available for collector price.